YCH and UCL are Merging

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I advise that a merger between Yarra Community Housing (YCH) and Urban Communities Limited (UCL) has been approved by the Victorian Housing Registrar.

YCH and UCL commenced discussions about a potential merger opportunity in 2014 in recognition that both parties are like-minded organisations with a similar mission, vision and commitment to social housing, particularly people with a history of disadvantage and exclusion.  We believe that housing is more than “bricks and mortar” - it’s about people and community.  An overview of UCL is attached to this letter.

The merger will create the largest Victorian Housing Association with over 2,600 properties under management. It provides the opportunity to strengthen the way in which we undertake our existing work and increases our capacity to create additional vibrant and socially inclusive communities in Victoria and beyond.

We have agreed on a staged approach to the merger.  Until July 2017, the two organisations will continue to operate as separate entities under the control of YCH. This provides the time to work out the best way in which to combine the two operations in a way that maximises the strengths of both.

Over the next six months we will begin a strategic planning process that will involve our key stakeholders. This process will create a shared vision for the two organisations and create a blueprint for the best way in which to combine our operations.

This is an exciting phase for YCH and I look forward to working with you to deliver the best opportunities for our tenants and clients and increasing the supply of affordable housing.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact me on 9349 0250.

Michael Perusco